Chocolate Skittles?


Many of you know this about me, some of you may not?  I’m known for having an opinion about everything, most often it’s movies and media related topics but the hyper kid in me is most tickled to blog about junk food.

Especially new stuff that will most likely be off the shelves before you can read this. Oh! Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger-Ale (my favorite) is still going strong btw!

Anyhoozle, I was browsing the aisles of Metro here in Toronto when I came across a shiny package hanging solo on a rack in the candy aisle.  I saw the package and was like Eww?! What? Chocolate Skittles, Why? What? When? How?   So I bought them and downed a handful in the parking lot before I got across the street to my “crib.”  I say crib because I felt like a tiny-tot eating these things.

Imagine a stick of Lipsmackers smashed in a bowl of sugar coated Tootsie rolls, grab a spoon- that’s what the new Skittles Chocolate Explosion tastes like; waxy with a sweet artificial chocolate smattering.

Royally addictive though, each handful boasts subtle differences in flavours.  There’s smore’s flavour, Brownie, caramel and umm some off-white coloured one, oh right! Vanilla, duh!

Who knows if they are going to remain a regular product? A lot of these things should and shouldn’t or don’t and should.  I won’t be perturbed either way in all honestly- there’s nothing about them that I couldn’t get out of getting a regular skittles fix.

A few mouthfuls was enough though before my stomach begged me to stop.

Oh this all reminds me of my friend Norann who had a Skittles addiction in Junior High, coated three of her four bedroom walls in empty packages of the sweets she’d scarffed.  If you’re reading this girlie holler back with your expert opinion on this most pressing matter!  Hahaha


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